Survey Says Canadian NHL Fans Enjoy Beers With A Side of Hockey

Coming in last place The Flames hahaha

Time2play conducted a survey with 1584 NHL fans over the age of 21 in Canada and the US. Two questions were asked: 1. How many beverages do you consume at the game? 2. How much do you usually spend? Average age of those who took the survey 34yrs old. Flames came in DEAD LAST with only 2.2 drinks per game. Canucks placed 22nd with 2.4 drinks per game. Senators cracked the Top 10 placing 8th at 3.4 drinks. Us Oilers fans placed 6th with 5.5 drinks. Coming in at #1 Leaf fans with 3.9 drinks a game. Probably because being a Leafs fan drives you to drink. The rollercoaster they put the fans on in a quest for the cup would make anyone drink. lol


– Pam

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